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What is Scribe Sphere?


The bible describes the scribes as important people. They are the ones who write down the current events, announces what the prophets have decreed. Scribes are writers. In our modern day, scribes are media communicators. However, the media has perverted what a true scribe is. USWCCC believes that a new wave of scribe's are on the rise. USWCCC is taking it to a new level. 

The founder was given a grace as a scribe. Five years ago the Lord opened her to see what the media ultimate goal is to report false lies, fabricate stories and on occasion write an inspirational story but only during the holiday's season. 

True scribes as written throughout the bible, are writers after God's heart.

The USWCCC scribe sphere was formed for christian media to step up their plate and provide information to the reader that will empower them to act, respond and encourage others to do the same. The fight is within the scribes!

As a member of USWCCC, you will receive a monthly newsletter that will be converted to a magazine called "The Scribes of Times." (TM)(C). At times you will be asked to scribe for USWCCC or fill out petitions to defend liberty, freedom and for justice.


Let's get the truth out! Help us represent USWCCC as a scribe writer for your state!


Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, USWCCC Marketplace Pastor


2019 USWCCC Spiritual Gathering National State Events and Marketplace Pastoral Announcements  (Link)


 The Lord said that there will be more invitations for Public Appearances. A prophetic word given two years ago that was slowly trolling. May 2019 in Washington D.C, a 2nd confirmed word came about appointments, invitations, luncheons and public appearances will begin to increase.  Several calls came within that same week. We are working on USWCCC newsletter or magazine featuring our members and what is G_D is doing bringing in world civility in the marketplaces. (See our Honorees)


May 19th, 2019 WATB Radio Listen Now  One hour interview with Dr. June Knight who also covers the White House Press.

 May  27th,  2019 Faith City Outreach, global radio program  Listen Now. One hour interview with host, Marina Maria.  I will be reappearing again in June for a follow up interview. 4 & 6PM MWF (Repeat)

In May 4th, 2019, USWCCC was given access to an office in Washington D.C to use whenever needed at the Washington Times building and at no cost.  We will be planning 2020 White House Prayer for Our Nations and holding partner committee meetings at that location.


We are heading to Colombia, travel through US and Africa's continent. We were invited to Amsterdam but the funds were not available at the early part of the year.  Please consider becoming a monthly partner at $25  for Travel Funds. We are changing lives and imparting the good news of the Transfer Wealth of Kingdom Economics.


The information on this website or its affiliations chambers, may not be reproduced, republished or mirrored on another web page or website without the founder's legal consent.

(TM) US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce;US Native American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US African American Christian Chamber of Commerce; Global Hispanic Honor Society; Global Women Congress and Human Rights Council (501 (c) 3)
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