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From the President Desk: 

Open Door:
In July 2019, USWCCC President, Apostle Dr. Lydia Gonzalez- DRoss was invited to Washington D.C Deborah Conference at the request of her spiritual mother and host, Dr. Cindy Jacobs. During the conference, Prophet Dr. Cindy Jacobs USWCCC called Dr. Dross to the podium as one of the Hispanic National Leaders to wash the feet of Rosie Orozco.
Afterwards, Orozco and DRoss had a long conversation and vowed together to global bring awareness about child humna trafficking among Latin America. With Rosie endorsement, Dr Dross vowed to help her cause by appointed 50 state directors to work along side with Rosie and our national team to combat child human trafficking and child religious persecution of human rights violations of religious pre-marriages that are not biblical or written in the Koran, and is not only barbaric but consciously and spiritual inhumane.


These brave ladies from around USA, have agreed to help me and Rosie, to build a stronger advocacy group and to end child human trafficking and human rights violations against religious children around the world. (2009, D.C)


Rosi Orozco is a human rights defender and an activist against human trafficking;  President of the nongovernmental Commission United Against Human Trafficking and 61st Legislature in Mexico.


Religious Persecution: A child's preyground!


Why we must stand against sexual assault on children of any age and from religious persecution of pre-marriages! 


Marketplace Prey-Ground!


"The marketplace is the number one industry where sex trafficking occurs and as its consequences follows with abortions."


Source:Chelsea Clinton Claims Aborting 60 Million Babies Since Roe “Added $3.5 Trillion to Our Economy.”


Source: Former Satanist says: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics”

"We must bring awareness to the christian marketplace industries, and bring justice to the health care industry or any business who support abortion industries.

- Physicians and Nurses, took an oath to save lives verses taking them! " 

Americans and Congress must legislatively protect doctors and nurses who refuse to do forced abortions or end life due to their own consciousness and spiritual convictions!


Prayer for those who had abortion! God is in love with you and wants you to come home!

Here is a prayer guide for you and in your quiet place, to be alone with God to ask for forgiveness.




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