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Hispanic American Division





GWCCCE CEO, Dr. Lydia Gonzalez is the founder and president of The United States Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce.

About the President: Several years ago she received a prophetic word from Dr. Cindy Jacobs " will you be my voice for the Latinas? And was commissioned in Apostolic Government Ministry. A year later, wisdom from the Lord to create a new way of networking and the United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce was birthed not knowing that it will also be a global conduit to other nations.

The United States Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Justice Sphere is helping establish 50 State Liaisons in efforts to combat Child Human Trafficking in the WorkForce and has birthed the Global Hispanic Women World Leaders Prayer Network.



The United States Hispanic American Women Prayer Network

                                    The core foundation of this organization is Compassion. 

The United States Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce president, appoints Ambassador Pastor Zara Edom as the USHWCCC National Prayer Director. Pastor Zara is from Alaska and has served in leadership positions such as Alaska Hispanic Director for the Christian United for Israel, National Hispanic Leadership Conference, and other leadership positions within her community. We are honored to appoint Pastor Zara, who will be overseer of 50 state Directors praying for Hispanic Business Women and other leaders that serve on the 7 mountain spheres.

                                                 USA Chapter Directors


Oklahoma Ambassador

Angelis Jimenez



 Nevada Ambassador 

 Esmerida Erazo-Rivera (Tatey Erazo)







Clause: Donations are non-refundable but transferable to the Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy- A Mosaic advocacy network around the globe.  Federal 501 (C) 3 status pending for 2020. Registered in the State of Arizona as Tax Exempt 2020

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