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Delilahs Hops is founded by Hospice and DV Chaplain, Rev Daisy Colon, residing in PA. It is a ministry of raising awareness and bring hope to love one who are in the process of healing from cancer.  Delilah's Hope Foundation was named after her sister, Delilah Yukon and her husband Mathew Yukon who were ordained ministers and pastored a church together in CT.  Rev Delilah battled cancer for five years and then suddenly her husband was diagnosed with brain terminal cancer, in which a month's time he passed first before a few weeks later his wife Delilah joined in him in heaven, leaving two small children and a congregation behind. They were both loved by their community and were missionaries in Mexico. 

For the past five years, Delilah's hope holds an annual walk event in PA. It does not raise funds but rather requests butterfly fabric materials to be sent to the organization. The volunteers for the foundation create pillows distributed to individuals, especially children diagnosed with cancer. The pillows are anointed and prayed over.

Testimonies have come forth that this ministry brings peace and healing to loved ones that are going the process of restoration with their savior.

This is a very unique ministry that the Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy is honored to host on their website. 

For more information about Delilah's Hope, please contact the founder, Rev Daisy Colon at or via FaceBook. 


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