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US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce is an Affiliate with iChange Nations and World Civility founder, Dr. Clyde Rivers as an appointed Chief Latin Adviser of the Global Hispanic Division.

Below are the Honorees! Congratulations to All!

Golden Rule Ambassador Award registered at the United Nations "Golden Rule" Day.

Golden Rule Ambassador Award, Apostle Curt and Christie Landry, One New Man Embassy

Golden Rule Ambassador Award Treasurer of the United States, Jovita Carranza

Golden Rule Ambassador Award Rabbi Jonathon Cahn, UN

Golden Rule Ambassador Award:Pastor Mario Bramnick, New Wine, Florida

Golden Rule Ambassador Award: Rev Rafael Cruz, Isaachar

Golden Rule Ambassador Award: Destiny Church, Pastor Paula White-Cain

Golden Rule Ambassador Award: Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, NHDRN


Recipients of the Global Leadership Awards 


Jennifer S. Korn, Deputy Assistant to the POTUS

My Olive Tree, Paul and Megann Marcellino

Pastor's Tim and Sandy Alsbaugh

Oklahoma Secretary of State, Dr. David Lopez

Veterans Administration Cabinet, Major General Rita Aargon

US Senator James Lankford

US Senator James Inhoffe

US Congressman, Tom Cole

US Congressman Jim Bridenstine, now head of NASA 

US Congressman, Steve Russell

US Congressman, MarkWayne Mullin

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

Prophetess Ana Maldonado

Manuel Rosales, National Hispanic Coalition

Destiny Church, Pastor Paula White-Cain

Destiny Church, Pastor J. Cain

US Israel Embassy Ambassador

US Mexico Embassy Ambassador

Dr. Marilyn Hickey

Pastors Maria and Mauricio Elizondo CDMG

Dr. Kenneth and Rev Gloria Copeland

Pastor's George and Terri Copeland-Pearson

Pastor Sergio Alvarado

Commander Kelly Copeland-Swisher

Rev John Copeland. KCM

Dr. Marcela A. Chaván - Matviuk, ORU overseer of International ORU Student Success, Dr. Sergio Matviuk,

Daisy Colon: A Sister's Prayer Pillow - Cancer Spiritual Care

Puerto Rico Governor's Commissioned Statehood Chaplains Team

Apóstol Wanda Rolón, Toa Alta, Humanitarian Efforts, Maria Hurricane




Highest Lifetime Achievement Award

Latin America Golden Rule Ambassador Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross presents a Honorary Doctorate Philosophy Degree from United Graduate Seminary College in Israel to Dr. Teresa Levia,  from Guatemala, pioneer of women in spiritual leadership and crusade speaker since the age of 7; Imparted over 80 nations and established more than 36 hub stations around the world. Recognized by the Director of Israel Department of Tourism for more than 15 years of pilgrimage journeys.


Global Honor Society Founder and GGA Hispanic Diplomat, Dr Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, endorses LinkedIn Nominations through Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA) a global humanitarian award for our outstanding members; and secular endorsement by GGA Founder Richard DiPilla 

Burundi Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder of World Civility

Dr. Jacqueline McBride-Jones, Founder of inWEM

Dr. Lewena Bayer, Founder of 







Jesus Marquez,  La Voz de Nevada KENO 1460 am Radio Show




Clause: Donations are non-refundable but transferable to the Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy- A Mosaic advocacy network around the globe.  Federal 501 (C) 3 status pending for 2020. Registered in the State of Arizona as Tax Exempt 2020

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