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Thank you for joining us on our site. Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Justice Advocacy Advisory Global Committee:

GWCCCE takes a serious role globally, as strong advocates against attacks on women's liberty, justice, stands for conservative and moral righteousness. The 1964 act was executed to include "freedom of religious liberty in the workplace."  GWCCCE has been a strong spokesperson and informs women in strong leadership positions to gather women that live in their communities to act and respond. You must be a voice and you must respond to stop the attacks against women and children.

The president, Dr Lydia Gonzalez has been a pioneer, called, and anointed to be such spokesperson. The GWCCCE uses its platform to allow our members and partners not only to use GWCCCE as an instrumental vessel but to be trained as diplomats and statesmen to defend against the cruelty towards women in other countries.  Dr. Gonzalez-Dross was an honoree of the 2019 Nelson Mandela International Peace Award and was the only USA female and recognized national business to receive such recognition, presented by  World Peace Ambassador, Dr.  Roland Timothy.

We are the first ministers of reconciliation but also prophets to declare and war against those things that hurt the mind, heart, and soul of a human being. Specifically, women who feel that they are second class citizens or been treated as such. Dr. Lydia has experienced that first hand as she was growing up. Years later, God spoke to her through a prophet, Dr. Cindy Jacobs, to be the pioneer, as a voice for Hispanic Women, and was anointed in a government ministry, specifically for the public office. 

Below are some articles that should shake the soul of your being to join GWCCCE and support so that we can continue the government ministry in the marketplaces, and advocate against the evil that has been planned to destroy the very soul of our sisters. 

- New York Times 2020: In a Victory for Women in Sudan, Female Genital Mutilation Is Outlawed

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