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US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce is the cutting edge of gathering wisdom from influential christian women of faith from around the world. USWCCC is a non profit organization that has a driven force that impacts our community, working with faith based marketplace pioneers and act as a bridge as a governmental economic solountist with world civility leaders. (World Civility Leader is model by Dr. Clyde Rivers, OPED UN Ambassador)

In addition as serving as a faith based mosaic chamber, our organization as expanded at the request of other nations. Therefore, we moved towards meeting those governmental and humanitarian global needs and established a diplomatic foreign affairs economic seven sphere initiatives called "The Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy. " 




Who has joined! Conservative Business Women are inspirational influential leaders that have proven record of impacting cultures all around the world! Therefore, we consider ourselves a mosaic chamber representing a multi-faith conduit for employees for Christ in the market places all around the world. (TM) 

We are militant, determined, mobilize, hopeful and join other organizational prayerful partners as strong women as Ambassadors of Nations, World Civility and Statesman appointments on behalf of GWCCCE,  that will serve as spiritual militants for our mosaic chamber around the world.

 USWCCC is not a registered lobbyist, but at times advocate through biblical activism to bring awareness and help shape policy for women in leadership and in every sphere (designed by Lance Wallnau and Courts of Heaven mountain, designed by Bob Henderson, Dr. Frances Myles model. 

We are seated in diplomat and governance positions to inspire change, that can only come from the supernatural wisdom of God and through faith driven economic collaboration. (Model by Dr. Myles Monroe, spiritual mentor of Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss)

We believe "where there is a bridge of human being can cross over and reach to improve the quality of life to others!"


Presidents Message:

As a faith based business owner,  we are free to execute freedom of religious expression in the workplace, by being first a witness to our families then to those who enter our businesses. We have established the Christian Employees Christ Resource Group(TM)(C) - inclusion part of the diversity business model ethnic training in the corporate industry. 

 USWCCC members are ambassadors around the world! Together, we are one voice and have been seated in governance with world civility leaders -as trans-formative agents on the move! 

Once a year we gather together with Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy appointed Ambassadors on International Women's Day in D.C. We hope you can join us!


Paid by Friends of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and partners of Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy (TM)and  US Commission of the Women Christian Ministerial Alliance and Media Network**Views shown on the site are solely the expression of the organization, affiliations and global subsidiaries.  

Clause: Donations are non-refundable

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