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The United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and the Global Hispanic Diplomat Cultural of Diversity Honor Society (C)(TM) is a proud partner with Ambassador of Burundi and founder of iChange Nations, World Civility Initiatives, Statesman and Interfaith Initiatives of the United Nations.  What that means, USWCCC is a representative of the Judeo-Christian Philosophy that works with other denominations towards humanitarian efforts, peace building initiatives and denounce any hate, racism, disparity towards persecution of all faiths.

- Women of faith are the cornerstone of birthing future leaders spiritually and physically. 


Dr. Clyde Rivers, Founder of World Civility and iChange Nations!

"Treat others the way you want to be treated."

iChange Nations primary focus is celebrating individuals or organizations with a "Cultural of Honor.. reaching the world with the message of the Golden Rule People Treatment, Honor and Civil Discourse." 

On behalf of  our chamber, our nomination committee will honor Christian Businesses and Women World Leaders- from diverse background, who contributes to the growth of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce.  In 2016,  Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers appoints President and Founder of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce head of iChange Nations Hispanic Division as his Chief Adviser and Ambassador of Latin America.





USWCCC Nominations Global Goodwill Ambassador humanitarian award, presented by Richard DiPilla, founder of GGA



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