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USWCCC Proud Partner Spotlight: ALPHA WTO-GENEVA


ALPHA President and founder, Kingsley Ekweariri writes: " I am thrilled and delighted to be part of this year’s World Trade Organization Business forum in Geneva."

WTO business forum 2018, offered an incredible opportunity to network, connect and partner with delegates from the world’s top policymakers and firmly put our platform at the hands of key decision makers around the world as we seek recognition as Africa largest Industrial business platform and to promote the launch of Africa’s largest Trade, Transport and Energy Summit in Ghana next year October, 2019.

Africa represents what is probably the biggest continent with large infrastructural projects and a wealth of mineral resources. With vast infrastructure projects available in line with the greatest landmass and growing demand for export commodities. Substantial extent for these commodities originates from major industries, procured out of Africa, manufactured abroad and exported back to Africa.

ALPHA was developed because of growing domestic consumer demand, rapidly increasing African infrastructural development and a steady increase in continental trade. With endless logistics opportunities becoming available as Africa places itself squarely at the center of the global value chain, ALPHA is an initiative to connect a vital continent in transition to the heart of the global supply chain market.

As trade and investment activity between Africa and the rest of the world increases, the need for high level and well-informed discussions on the realities and complexities of doing business at this major event is more necessary than ever. There is a huge demand from people outside of Africa to gain accurate insights into how to succeed in what can often be undoubtedly very challenging and difficult trading conditions. Next year, our platform launches an incredible business networking platform called ATTES and the first of its kind in the Africa soil.

The launch will welcome a diverse range of well-informed professionals and is designed to put ALPHA firmly on the world’s map as a new and rapidly developing force, capable of opening up new business horizons and profitable trading opportunities, while founded on the bedrock of expertise, an extensive communications network and high levels of cooperation.

The event will provide a chance to find answers to key questions in relation to doing business in Africa today, to meet and network with influential investors and potential business partners, while rubbing shoulders with those at the heart of current economic growth on a continent that is witnessing a sea change in terms of its trading outlook.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you in developing the continent of Africa value chain. #ALPHA#ATTES#APH#


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