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NASA Presidenital Appointee Congressman Jim Bridenstine


Earlier this year, US Congressman Jim Bridenstine(OK-R) was presented with "iChange Nations" Global Leadership Service Award on behalf of Dr. Clyde Rivers, founder of iChange Nations and "World Civilty" of the Culture Art of Honor- Presenting the award are Tulsa Recipients of April 5th "Golden Rule Global Ambassador's," for "iChange Nations": Global Latin... Ambassador D'Ross DrLydia, Founder and President of the US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and also Founder,National Apostolic Hispanic Prayer Council, Tulsa GOP Elected D1 State Committeewoman; and joined with them is Apostle, Dr. Paula Price, Founder and President of "Price University, Paula Price Ministries, "Paula Price Show" and Tulsa Pastor of New Creation Worship Assembly.

As a frequent visitor to Congressman's office in Oklahoma and in D.C. It is a great honor to have conversations about the quality of life among Hispanic businesses and about faith. As a witness of his faith, his strong families ties and compassion about the quality of life and science. It is a great honor to see our prophetic prayers answered this week.  Thank you Jim and your staff for all that you have done and will continue to do for this great country!


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