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President Dr. Lydia Gonzalez In the News : Birthing Native American Christian Women Chamber of Commerce

Ms. Carbajal previously served for the United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce as the National Media Initiatives Director, overseer of Christian Women in Media and Entertainment Sphere.

Ms Carbajal is also a business owner and CEO of Family Outreach Radio Christian program, which is heard over the world. She is a Native American missionary and has a long history working with Native American pastors, hosting inspirational gatherings, luncheons and  addressing their community concerns while ministering to them on the reservation all over Arizona and abroad. Her role is vital to the Native Americans around the nation and the body of Christ. We are delighted that she has accepted the appointment to serve as voice on behalf of Native American women of all faiths.

To make a strong impact on behalf of the chamber, constituents representing the Native American women, GWCCCE will be appointing Ambassadors to serve first in leadership positions appointed to one of the 7 spheres. We will then appoint regional, state directors and advisory board members to serve on the GWCCCE US Women Native American CCC Board of Directors.

Their is a great need to bridge indigenous tribes and Native Americans together. 

USNAWCCC will be the conduit to help you get started in whatever area you need development. We want to see faith fill Native American Christian women trained, business developed in rural areas, government ministry development and spiritually covered into their destiny.

  "The time for christian women to rise is now!!" said CEO, Dr. Lydia Gonzalez. We are a different kind of chamber- we are not lobbyist or politicians but rather, members are part of army that are filled with supernatural wisdom, talents and have a heart to impart to others and impact the world.


United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and Subsidiaries is a State and IRS Federal TAX EXEMPT 501(C)(3) Approved.

Subsidiaries are: United States Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; United States Native American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US Asian American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce and supporting charities: Youth Diplomat Ambassador Initiatives and other spheres!

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